The Afterword

The 1001 heads north out of Chiang Mai and snakes its way into the mountains, rows of green ridges stacked one after the other. The sun shines in December, warm on my skin, but the chilled air in the shadows of overhanging trees reminds me that it is winter in the northern hemisphere. About an … Continue reading The Afterword


One month left in Mozambique. I submitted the following post to Peace Corps in September as the final "Success Story" of my service (I don't know why I've held onto it for so long). Success is a matter of perspective. Odetta moved in abruptly. On International Workers’ Day we heard a lot of movement on the … Continue reading Adaptation

On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part III

Update: The giardia has officially left the building. Four stools samples produced negative results – no parasites, no pathogens, and no noticeable bacterial overgrowths (such as H. Pylori). News Flash: Just because the giardia left doesn’t mean the building is stable. The integrity of its internal structure has come under question. “This is called postinfectious … Continue reading On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part III