On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part III

Update: The giardia has officially left the building. Four stools samples produced negative results – no parasites, no pathogens, and no noticeable bacterial overgrowths (such as H. Pylori). News Flash: Just because the giardia left doesn’t mean the building is stable. The integrity of its internal structure has come under question. “This is called postinfectious … Continue reading On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part III

On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part II

So who am I these days? Or rather, what do I eat these days? Well to begin, I can’t stop eating pumpkin: baked in the oven, boiled in a soup, mashed like potatoes, cooked down with shredded coconut, cubed and stir-fried. Last year the excessive rain destroyed much of the pumpkin harvest; this year the … Continue reading On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part II