On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part II

So who am I these days? Or rather, what do I eat these days? Well to begin, I can’t stop eating pumpkin: baked in the oven, boiled in a soup, mashed like potatoes, cooked down with shredded coconut, cubed and stir-fried. Last year the excessive rain destroyed much of the pumpkin harvest; this year the … Continue reading On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part II

On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part I

Nilsa calls it gastritis: a cramping pain in her stomach accompanied by bloating when she eats beans. Gastritis tends to be a catch-all term for digestive issues here. I buy coconuts from Nilsa. I used to buy peanuts from her too, but my own complications with “gastritis” have put an end to that. I don’t … Continue reading On Chronic* Diarrhea: Part I